Our Community

The Land Trust in Our Community

As communities across America address the issue of urban development that impacts over two million acres of natural land each year, the diligent efforts of the more than 1,500 private non-profit land trusts across the country to counterbalance the sprawl are seeing success. Land trusts are protecting more than 800,000 new acres each year - more than double that of 5 years ago. However, even with such progress, there remains much more to be done to protect our most cherished land and water resources before they are lost forever.

The Indian River Land Trust, a member of the national Land Trust Alliance representing land trusts since 1982, is one of the hundreds of land trusts that work to maintain and improve the quality of our lives by protecting special places in the local community. The success of the Indian River Land Trust, like that of the many other land trusts, is found in our entrepreneurial spirit. We represent the best of community pride, bringing people together to protect unique pieces of natural habitat that help define the special quality of Indian River County.

Land trusts work solely through private transactions, whether outright purchases or Conservation Easements, often fulfilling the landowner's wish to keep the land intact and undeveloped for their children and future generations. The Indian River Land Trust understands the complex nature of these transactions and is available to be a resource for landowners as they consider their options for best protecting their land.